Updraft: Paintings of Dancers

These paintings examine some of the ways humans metaphorically take flight: through the movement in dance and acrobatics. Unlike the passive characters in the Under Water series, these are intentional: they lift their bodies upward, outward, and dive forward. These works are marked with a sense of weightlessness brought about by joy, with figures moving through richly textured, abstract spaces.

One thought on “Updraft: Paintings of Dancers

  1. HI Katie,
    You may not remember me. But maybe. It’s Jennifer (“Toni”) Rozylo. We were friends in elementary school/highschool. I ran into you on facebook via I think a mutual friend/acquaintance Linda Nessel, and was thrilled to see what you are up to. Reminiscent of time together. I love you paintings. Would you be interested in selling Airborne to me? It would mean a lot.


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